Valerie Wilson Travel

What type of traveler are you?

Travel is looking and feeling very different right now.

To figure out what type of traveler you are in this new COVID-19 world, take our quick quiz below.

Which of these best describe your COVID-19 safety habits? 

  1. Head-to-toe protective gear
  2. Surgical mask and hand-sanitizer 
  3. Bandana as needed


Which of these travel conditions are you most comfortable with? 

  1. I’ll take the backseat 
  2. Just leave the middle seat empty
  3. I’ll take any seat that’s not in my house


How many time zones are you excited to cross? 

  1. I love my timezone
  2. I am OK being 2-3 hours off my sleep schedule 
  3. Give me full-on jet lag 



If you answered mostly 1’s, you feel most comfortable gassing up the car and staying a bit closer to home. Perhaps America’s national parks or wine country on either coast are for you right now.

If you answered mostly 2’s, you know adventure is within reach but just a bit further afield. The idea of seeing an airport again very soon excites you in a tangible way.

If you answered mostly 3’s, you have been staring longingly at your passport and biggest suitcase and are ready to take the big leap soon by planning a fantastic trip abroad.