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VWT and GeoSure Partner for Real Time Safety

NEW YORK, New York
June 22, 2020

There has never been a more important time to improve safety awareness for travelers than now. To do so, Valerie Wilson Travel (VWT) has partnered with GeoSure, the leading provider of hyper-local safety data and tech solutions for today’s travelers. VWT clients will now be able to assess their personal level of travel risk and safety, including Health & Medical Safety, everywhere in the world.

Just as VWT is known for providing bespoke travel experiences, GeoSure will aid VWT in delivering a personalized and inclusive safety experience for travelers. “As travel advocates for our clients, we are dedicated to raising their comfort level by bringing them the most detailed and customized safety information in real time,” said Jennifer Wilson-Buttigieg, Co-President & Owner of VWT. “The safety information travelers have access to should be as unique as their itineraries. GeoSure’s safety data platform combined with VWT’s cutting edge technology capabilities ensures we can make that happen for all our clients.”

In order to enable a more secure and predictable travel experience, VWT clients now have the availability of GeoSure safety solutions providing them with tools including, Health & Medical traveler safety displays, real-time global safety data and travel alerts within the VWTraveler App, assistance in finding safe spaces to shelter or seek help during times of uncertainty, and even the ability to share insights with fellow travelers. The capability of the VWTraveler App to provide travelers with continuous synchronization of all itinerary details, now paired with GeoSure’s advanced safety technology, puts everything a traveler needs in the palm of their hand.

VWT clients will also have the option to download the new GeoSure PlusTM  advanced mobile safety app, if desired. “Traveler safety reassurance is the key to rebuilding confidence and leading the industry back to not only recovery but a new level of trust. GeoSure is pleased to partner with VWT, the world’s leading high-end travel provider, to do just that” said Michael Becker, Chief Executive Officer of GeoSure.

In the current post COVID climate, the travel industry is being called upon to rebuild consumer confidence. In forging a new partnership with GeoSure and creating a way for travelers to make smart, informed decisions for a more confident travel experience, VWT is proudly answering that call.

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About GeoSure
GeoSure, the leader in scaled, location safety assessment, leverages Big Data, predictive analytics, and AI to calculate location-specific ratings represented as GeoSafeScores™. GeoSafeScores™ are a simple, standardized system that gauge relative risks of traveling personnel and physical assets anywhere in the world. GeoSure harvests country, city and neighborhood crime stats, health, economic, political data feeds and much more to generate ratings for over 65,000 locations worldwide. Contact: [email protected]