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The Beverly Hills Hotel – Bungalow 5

Bungalow 5: Inspired by Elizabeth Taylor

What is your biggest indulgence in captivating new guests?

Of course, it’s the expansive patio with private pool and Jacuzzi is the highlight. But the space really encapsulates the vibe of Hollywood’s Golden Age and you can actually imagine Elizabeth Taylor spending time there during this magical time period. It creates a very nostalgic and transporting experience for guests and it’s quite unique.

Is there a famous name, a particular street or monument that you most identify with? What inspired your style? 

Having spent six of her eight honeymoons here, Bungalow 5’s thoughtful new design incorporates aspects of Elizabeth Taylor’s life and includes whimsical elements reflective of her English roots and most celebrated movie roles. From European furniture and a floral mosaic with English sensibilities, to a horse-head lamp base Egyptian-patterned cabinet, the romantic look and feel of this space is as residential as it is glamorous. Just as it was in her own home, the color blue is present throughout, and gold foil, sparkles, and jewel-colored Arnold Scassi-esque draperies also convey Hollywood’s regency style.

How would you like to be remembered?  

We have many stars walk our red carpet every single day but the real stars are our employees. The Step and Repeat at our employee entrance says it best … “Where service royalty welcomes Hollywood legends,” we love when our guests remember how great the service provided to them was and how a certain team member made their stay extra special.

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