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About Me

Travel has always been a big part of my life. Growing up as the daughter of a diplomat, I was given the unique opportunity to live in several countries across the Middle East, Europe and the United States and to immerse myself in various cultures. The accidental, yet fantastic by-product of this lifestyle is a relentless passion for travel. For me, travel is a window to the unique and different, an opportunity to have transformative experiences but mostly a mindset that shapes my outlook.  Whether it is witnessing the Northern Lights in Iceland, hiking to Tiger’s Nest in Bhutan, getting lost in the markets of Marrakech or climbing the Sydney Harbor Bridge, it is precisely these types of experiences that make travel so exciting for me.

Favorite Place

It is so difficult to pinpoint one favorite place.  I love Istanbul for its unparalleled energy, its rich history and culture, its picturesque landscape and stunning architecture nestled in the hills along the Bosphorus. I also love Bhutan for its serenity. A country that has proactively protected itself from over tourism combines adventure and soul enriching experiences as you embark on endless hikes to visit beautiful temples, monasteries and nunneries. Finally, my favorite beach destination is a tie between the Maldives and a blue voyage gulet trip on the Aegean Sea.

Hidden Gem

A hidden gem is touring Angkor Wat before sunrise. As you arrive at the side entrance via Tuktuk, armed with a flashlight, your guide walks you through the site explaining the history and pointing out the stories behind the engravings. The highlight is taking in a few minutes to meditate while watching the sunrise over the main temples of Angkor.  Touring the beautiful site without the burden of crowds is what makes this experience a truly magical one. Having a travel advisor that has the knowledge to recommend these types of experiences is what makes predictable itineraries unforgettable ones.


I founded curator and scout, an affiliate of VWT, in 2019 as a platform to create memorable journeys for discerning clients who value luxury and who seek meaning and authenticity in their travel.  For me, a career changer, establishing curator and scout was the steppingstone in formalizing the travel planning and advising I had been doing for friends and family for over 20 years. Over the past two decades, while living in New York, Istanbul and Dubai I meticulously planned intricate itineraries to over thirty countries across Europe, the Americas, the Middle East, Asia, Australia and the Pacific Rim.

My edge stems from the wealth of knowledge emanating from years of living in different parts of the world, traveling to over 35 countries as well as developing friendships and relationships spanning the world. curator and scout’s discerning taste for simple luxury, ongoing destination research and passion for the pursuit of the genuine provide me with the tools to build authentic bespoke itineraries for my clients.