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Independent Travel Advisor – CA & NC

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About Me

I love to travel.  I have loved it since I was 10.  I have had a globe since my childhood, and studied it with great care.  I grew up watching every wildlife special I could find.  I suppose this inspired me to seek the road less travelled as my career grew.  I love big cities, know them well, but my sweet spot, is discovering the world and places that have a gentle footprint.  I love Uganda for Gorillas, Madagascar for Lemurs, The Kimberly Coast in Australia for dramatic scenery, the amazon for diversity, Antarctica for the wonder and fragility, and the Arctic for the Polar Bears that are so endangered.  People, food, sights, and maybe some good shopping are what I love to experience while travelling!

Favorite Place

Tanzania is one of my favorite places.  Magical, insightful, scenery, wildlife, people like no other place I have been anywhere.  I could go every year.  And I have been to over 130 countries, and this is in my top 5 for sure.

Hidden Gem

The world has so many, but perhaps Luang Prabang, Laos.  Many clients want to go to SE Asia, and don’t mention L.P.  and I usually talk them into it, clients come home and tell them that it was the highlight of the trip! Feeding Monks at Sunrise, cruising along the Mekong, and visiting the temples is very transformative.


I have been a travel advisor since graduating with an Associate of Arts in Tourism from Canada College and a BA from San Francisco State University. I’ve visited over 135 countries and all seven continents. I particularly love the South Pacific (I’m a Tahiti Specialist), East Africa, and Europe. France is a particular favorite, as I spent eight years living there. I also love Italy.

One experience in Tanzania – a country that’s captured my heart and soul – will always stay with me. At close range, our group observed a sea of wildebeest passing by. “This is the moment I’ve been waiting for all my life,” said one client.

I lead groups to exotic places every year and plan independent adventures for individuals and families. I create complex itineraries customized to my clients’ preferences.

I am your advocate directly with hotels, tour companies and more. Thanks to my connections, I can secure you VIP treatment, special amenities and great value.