Tara Savage

Leisure Advisor

FIT, Europe, Honeymoon, Multigenerational

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Years ago, I was asked what interested me. History, culture, and the beauty of the world is what I wanted to explore. The answer then was simple; becoming a travel adviser to help others experience their travel dreams! I believe creating memories through travel opens our minds and spirit. The trips I design for my clients in many cases are some of the most joyful experiences they’ll share with their loved ones. I take pride in the vacation experiences we create together and it’s truly a pleasure to be part of the most precious everlasting memories. No matter if your travels take you to dipping your toes into the sugary white sand while gazing out into the aqua blue waters, a bit of adventure with climbing a crevasse in Iceland, sipping fresh wine in the Tuscan region of Italy or the intimate world of river cruising I’ll help you get there!