Susan Shiffman

Senior Leisure Advisor

Leisure, Adventure, Wellness

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About Me

I love to be pampered! One of my favorite travel experiences was receiving a facial at the La Prairie Spa at Le Bristol Hotel in Paris. I felt like a royal. I still use the eye serum by La Prairie. I also adore nature. I had the opportunity to sail on The Grace in the Galapagos two years ago with Quasar Expeditions. Speaking about royalty, it’s the former yacht owned by Princess Grace of Monaco. It’s a 16-passenger vessel with outdoor dining. Each day, I snorkeled amidst sea lions, sea turtles, penguins, and even sharks. Viewed so much wildlife and even caught the mating dance of the albatross and walked around the giant land iguanas. It was truly the trip of a lifetime. This past year, I travelled on the Venice Simplon Orient Express from Venice to London. Wow! I couldn’t stop taking photos of the food and the presentation. A true experience.

Favorite Place

Jerusalem for its rich biblical history, center of 3 religions, fascinating archaeology, ancient water tunnels, and the magical golden stones which gives this city its aura, and its sheer beauty.

Hidden Gem

My favorite beach is Maundays Bay on Anguilla. Anytime I send a client to Anguilla, they fall in love with this island. I introduced my best friends to the island years ago and they go back every year. They advise me not to sell this destination because of fear that it will get overcrowded. This island offers stunning pure white sandy beaches, the clearest turquoise water, and great restaurants.


I’ve been in travel forever. After graduating college, I worked for a charter airline, followed by a tour operator that specialized in Hawaii, and then a Caribbean tour operator. I left travel to work in the editorial department of a travel magazine for physicians at the Hearst Corporation. Then, I worked as the sole travel coordinator for Rolling Stone, Us, and Men’s Journal Magazines. Finally, I came back to the vacation side of travel and simply love fulfilling clients’ dreams here at VWT.