Steve West

Independent Travel Advisor – GA

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A lengthy career with Delta Air Lines in Sales, Marketing and Automation, allowed me to travel throughout the world for business and pleasure. As a result, I became very knowledgeable and good at planning a wide variety of trips. Offering my experiences and services to friends, my church congregation, and my club members, it seemed a natural fit, I would transition into the travel industry.

Raised in South Florida, I am passionate about all things Caribbean, Central and South America, sun and fun, or any location that involves a beach and water sports. As I have traveled more, lately my interest have expanded to include ocean and river cruises, with more than 25 over the last 6 years, culturally diverse travel like a two-week trip through the vast regions of Singapore and the list goes on. There is so much to see, learn and experience in this great big world.

I have arranged and escorted group trips, through Alaska and Denali, the Mexican peninsula, the Caribbean and other venues, and locations throughout the world.

With each trip, I bring my portfolio of personal experiences, knowledge, and resources to ensure your dream trip becomes a reality.