Pete Maniscalco

Senior Leisure Advisor

Leisure, Family, Honeymoon, Relaxation, Exotic Trips

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About Me

As a traveler, I am very open minded to the destination visiting. I quietly observe and pay close attention to detail. Upon returning, I tend to share the facts with an unbiased opinion for the client to then form their own opinion if this appeals to them as a place to visit. Not every destination is for every person, so it is my obligation to diligently sell a destination without compromising quality and assuring it meets their needs.

Favorite Place

Greece offers something for everyone. There are multiple islands to choose from. Returning a second or third time to different islands constitutes a completely different experience. The one common denominator, they all offer warm hospitality, amazing scenery with a lot of sunshine, breathtaking sunsets and exotic sea color. Athens, although a major city, keeps up to date with modern times while maintaining and preserving the history of ancient times.
All, in one way or another, offer old world charm. Delicious local cuisine, the beaches, adventure excursions and vibrant nightlife all attribute to one amazing experience.

Hidden Gem

My top hidden gem is Villa Mahana on Bora Bora. Damian, is the owner and chef for this six table intimate restaurant. It has both the perfect ambiance and food presentation to make this a most memorable experience.


Trip planning is my profession and my passion. For two decades, I have empowered clients to travel nationally and internationally, planning all phases of luxury leisure travel. Regardless of the distance, I have the knowledge, expertise and tools at my disposal to provide travelers a personalized itinerary with great attention to detail to create an unforgettable experience with first class service. Early in my professional career, I worked on Wall Street as an investment accountant. My experience in that fast pace and intense atmosphere continues to serve my clients, keeping up with the ever-changing demands of the travel industry. Whether traveling locally, nationally or exploring the world, my goal is to have the client experience the ultimate getaway that is customized to fit their needs while making a difference in their travel experience.