Paula J. Murphy

Senior Leisure Advisor

Leisure, Europe, Spain

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About Me

I enjoy being in one location and soaking it up as best I can. I want to experience my surroundings and what they have to offer rather than rushing about from site to site. I particularly like to come home from a journey having made at least one new friend and a culinary find.

Favorite Place

I cannot possibly limit myself to one favorite city or town, but I know that town or city is in Spain. Spain is filled with such variety it is many countries at once. It has everything: history,art, architecture, food, wine, olive oil, tradition, magnificent nature and fine people.

Hidden Gem

Deep in fjord country of Norway (Bygstad) is a working farm and a haven for music lovers called Amot. Magical is often overused, but it is necessary to describe this spot where food and beauty and bonhomie abound.


I have covered all the bases-starting in the wholesale side, moving to corporate, gone rogue as an IC, worked at airports welcoming and sending off groups, worked in brick and mortar storefront agencies and watched this industry evolve along my way. I did once take a break and work at a travel related startup but found I preferred to be more involved with people than computers.