Trish Maczuga

Independent Travel Advisor – NY

Leisure, Multi-generational, Celebration, Family

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Driven by a love for travel and a deep passion to connect people with countries and cultures outside of their everyday lives, I have had the privilege of creating personalized travel experiences for a wide range of clients.

Throughout my career, I’ve been fortunate to explore incredible destinations across the globe. These experiences have not only enriched my understanding of each location but have also equipped me with invaluable insights to curate specific itineraries for my clients. Dedicated to excellence and committed to exceeding expectations, I take great pride in my ability to collaborate with clients and local partners around the globe to bring their travel dreams to life.

Hidden Gem

In 2023, I had the pleasure of experiencing two hidden gems in Australia: qualia Luxury Resort on Hamilton Island and Spicers Peak Lodge in Queensland’s High Country.

Located on the secluded northern tip of Hamilton Island, qualia offers a serene escape surrounded by the Great Barrier Reef’s unparalleled beauty. qualia’s Journey to the Heart tour is the ultimate Great Barrier Reef adventure, featuring a helicopter flight over Whitehaven Beach, landing on the Heart Island helipad for an intimate snorkeling experience around Heart Reef.

Meanwhile, Spicers Peak Lodge, perched atop a mountain on 8,000 acres, provides an exclusive wilderness retreat with spectacular stargazing and a range of activities, including guided nature walks and 4WD tours. Both destinations offer unique, luxurious experiences amidst Australia’s breathtaking landscapes.

About Me

I have always had a love for travel and experiencing new and interesting destinations. I love finding the small local authentic boutique hotels and restaurants and taking in the history of a city with a guide. When I am not exploring new destinations my favorite way to relax is on a calm beautiful beach anywhere in the world.


My experiences include arranging diverse travel experiences, ranging from sun & fun, romantic getaways and African safaris, to treks through Patagonia, diving adventures on the Great Barrier Reef, and family vacations across Europe.    I enjoy working with multi-gen families, couples and small groups to create memorable, unique and unforgettable trips.