Michelle Miller

Independent Travel Advisor – NY

Leisure, Couples, Family Travel, Italy, Mexico, U.S.A., the Caribbean

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About Me

I am fortunate to have traveled to many amazing places, and have dreamed and researched of traveling to many, many more.  I think there is nothing more important than finding a way to escape and explore, and I love to share that passion for travel with friends, family and my clients.  Travel restores my soul and allows me to come home to my “real life” with renewed vigor and appreciation for all that I have. I truly live “trip to trip” and as soon as I get home from one trip, I start planning the next!

Favorite Place

My favorite place in the world to travel is Italy.  I have spent many blissful summer days exploring the Amalfi Coast, Capri and Rome and return to the area time and time again.  I love the delicious food, swimming in the Mediterranean sea and living La Dolce Vita (if only for a week or two)!

Hidden Gem

When in Italy, my favorite day is “boat day” when we charter a traditional Caprese gozzo boat to explore the grottos, jump into the Mediterranean sea and venture to the phenomenal seaside restaurant, Lo Scoglio.  While not exactly hidden, it is the perfect example of what I love so much about Italy.  Flawless food straight from their gardens, spectacular views of the sparkling sea, and the warmest Italian welcome you could imagine.  One could not do better than to pass an afternoon at this perfect place!


I caught the travel bug early with a career as a television producer that took me around the world.  Since then, I have found much joy in planning the trips of all my friends and family, and decided to turn that into a career in luxury travel!  Always sought out for my insider knowledge of hotels and destinations, I love nothing more than meticulously researching and planning a new trip for myself or a client. I believe each precious trip is an opportunity to make memories that last a lifetime, so I really take that task to heart!