Melissa James

Independent Travel Advisor – CA

Worldwide leisure luxury travel for couples, families, friends and celebrations, including safaris, cruises and private experiences.

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About Me

It is about the journey, not just the destination… the fun begins when the research starts! I try to gather as much information before every trip so I am fully prepared to soak it all in when the time comes. Learning about the various cultures and what the country/city/town has to offer is fascinating and I love to experience the best hospitality on offer whether it is a villa, hotel or resort. I like to hit the main attractions once but tend to spend most of my time where the locals like to eat and hang out. That is where I truly immerse myself in the destination and gain perspective. I try to get to at least one to two beach and/or island destinations each year to unwind. The more I travel, the more I need it!

Hidden Gem

Hemelhujis, meaning heavenly house when translated, truly is heavenly. It is a hip, chic restaurant in the CBD of Cape Town and when you enter, it looks more like a ceramic, flower or décor store. The genius behind Hemelhujis is Jacques Erasmus who is famous for his style and creative flair in both food and interior design. The food is specially sourced and not only tastes incredible but is also a work of art displayed in unique and interesting tableware and cutlery. Every sense is touched here! Always ahead of the trends and so is the clientele.


My passion for travel began as a child as I was fortunate enough to travel to various countries at least annually with my parents and through those vacations, I discovered the wonderful adventures and cultures this world has to offer. My background is in the performing arts and my ballet studies took me to the United Kingdom where I could enjoy all of the wonders it has to offer, in particular their exciting performing arts over the 5 years I was there. So far I have explored South Africa, the United Kingdom, some of Canada, the United States, Mexico, Tahiti, Indonesia, a lot of Europe with France and Italy extensively but of course my list is never ending and there is still very much to see and experience. I have made travel a full time career with in depth studies and ongoing training to ensure I have the best relationships with suppliers as well as up to date information.