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Lois Sarlo

Senior Travel Advisor

Leisure, Cruises, Multi-Generational

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About Me

My first exposure to travel was in my parents’ station wagon driving to Florida every summer.  The smell of the ocean, palm trees and coconuts had me hooked as a child, always hungry to learn about new places.  My husband and I lived in Naples, Italy for 3 years (he was stationed at the NATO base many years ago).  We drove all over in our trusty Volkswagon, seeking out authentic towns, each with their own history, sampling pizza in each!  Italy holds a special place in our hearts.  We continued exploring over the years with our children, making wonderful memories.  Our grandchildren share our passion, so it’s become a “family affair”.  Cruising is one of our favorites for our multi-generation trips!

Favorite Place

Sorrento, Italy – Sorrento is an hour south of the hustle/bustle of Naples, bringing you to a perfect home base and gateway to the Amalfi Coast.  Visit the Island of Capri, Ancient Pompeii, the stunning Amalfi towns, all from this cliffside town with its own special charm.  Sweeping water views, history, architecture, café lined Piazza Tasso, narrow alleys to get lost in, all await you.  Small shops selling limoncello, lace, inlaid wood all line the cobblestone streets, tempting you to find a “treasure” to bring home.  Mine was a beautiful wooden music box, which plays “Return to Sorrento”, which I will continue to do.


Hidden Gem

Favorite beach is difficult, but the one always comes to mind first, is Grace Bay in Turks and Caicos.  I love “walking” the beach, which takes me to my “happy place”.  Visually, the colors excite, the smell and sounds of the ocean makes me smile, and the feel of the sand and water between my toes reminds me to “enjoy” this special place.


My career in travel began over 35 years ago in a local upscale agency in Harrison NY, where my love of travel grew.   Travel gave me  the opportunity to travel, learn, and explore!  Destinations like Italy, Croatia, Greece, England, France all fed my passion for more.   Cruising has taken me to the Caribbean, Mexico, New England, Alaska, Greece, Croatia, Europe, and more to come.  Over the years, I’ve enjoyed sharing my experience and knowledge with clients who have the same curiosity and passion for new destinations.

Life took me away from travel for several years, but when I returned eleven years ago, I was fortunate to find a home with Valerie Wilson Travel where I enjoy working and building relationships with leisure clients, who share my love of travel!