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I have traveled extensively (a member of the Travellers Century Club) and became a motivational speaker, all while working in corporate America. But it wasn’t until a travel agency owner said to me “Anyone who has been to all seven continents should have a career in the travel industry”, that I realized my love for travel was matched perfectly with my desire to help others make their travel dreams comes true. So I became a travel advisor!  Consider me your Global Guide for Work and Play.

Traveling through the Galapagos photographing animals, relaxing in Bora Bora, and soaking in the history of Egypt are some of my favorite memories. These memories, and many more, fuel my passion to craft personalized travel experiences for others. I’ll collaborate with you to make sure your travels tailor to your preferences, and then thoughtfully plan each detail. My bucket-list is as vast as the world and includes Machu Picchu (done), the Amazon (done), and experiencing the great migration in central Africa (done). Now to add more… What’s on yours? I’ll use my personal knowledge and insider tips to make your travel dreams a reality.