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Family and Multi-generational International Leisure Travel, Honeymoons, Exotic Destinations

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In my travel experience I would say that I love a bit of everything. I have enjoyed all the places I have ever visited, even as some brought drastically different experiences, for me that is the heart of travel. I love Europe, and being from Texas it has been natural to explore countries south of the Texas border. I have fallen in love with Brasil, Colombia and the list goes on. An adventurous bucket list trip was visiting Petra in the desert of Jordan. It started with an early morning flight, walking across the border, a private transfer into the Wadi Rum desert, and a guided walk-through Petra, it was an incredible experience and a logistical challenge that I enjoyed.

About Me

Born and raised in Texas. After attending Texas Tech University Lindsey moved to Washington, DC to intern and work on Capitol Hill. The time in DC opened Lindsey’s eyes to the different cultures, people, and places to explore in the world, and from there the rest is history. After moving to Austin, she began her adventures in travels, and continues to travel the world today, even with a little one. An important goal in her life was to show her daughter the world through the experiences of new places, people and cultures.

Favorite Places

Spain, Italy, France, South America, Jordan

Hidden Gem

San Sebastian, Spain