Dominique Ashton

Independent Travel Advisor – CA

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About Me

I grew up in Paris always dreaming and reading of exotic destinations. Different cultures intrigued me. The more exotic the culture the more appeal it held for me. My father, an amazing photographer would return from his travels with stunningly beautiful photos which he would narrate for the benefit of his audience. History of Egypt, Iran, Greece, Russia would become alive in front of our curious eyes and mind… I guess that is when wanderlust started to percolate in my veins. And what is a travel advisor but a story teller, your story to plan, create so you too can make magic memories for a lifetime.

Favorite Place

I may be biased, but Paris always keeps me in awe of its beauty when I return year after year.

But I have been fortunate to visit St Petersburg, London, Stockholm, Rome, Istanbul, Vienna and Rio, Sydney,  among many stunningly beautiful places, but Paris will always have my heart. These cities are chockful of museums, but just wander their streets, sip a café and admire its citizens will make you feel like a local.


As a child, I dreamed of Africa. Since then I have been privileged to visit this magical continent a few times, and it has never disappointed!

Kenya, Tanzania weaved their magic spell around my heart then came Zambia, South Africa and Botswana. Trekking gorillas in Uganda made me fall in love with these gentle giants.

Another amazing and  spiritual country visited Bhutan and its colorful neighbors Nepal and India, put all my senses on overdrive! Hiking Tiger’s nest was definitely a highlight, and it will be yours too!

Planning a family vacation is challenging, but after taking my own  family, grand-children to Kenya where they discovered the Masai culture, nature as it is meant to be experienced , I know I can guide your own family vacation planning.

Africa is a life changing adventure to be cherished for a lifetime.

So let me create your dream trip around the world, and you too will have memories to treasure for your lifetime!