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About Me

As a traveler myself, I love discovering new languages and cultures.  I believe that travel changes us…for the better.  It humbles us.  It makes us kinder and more tolerant when we witness others’ life experience with our own eyes.   My own personal interests range from wild life preserves to five-star hotels in faraway places to luxury cruises.  African safari without makeup is just as wonderful as a starry night on the high seas in a cocktail dress.  My bucket list item is to visit Thailand and Singapore.

Favorite Place

My favorite place in the world is Italy.  While I know this is a broad statement, Italy is a country of many “flavors”.  The mountains and lakes of the north are breathtakingly beautiful.  Tuscany and Florence are over abundant in history and culture.  Amalfi and Puglia boast some of the most beautiful coastlines in the world.  The language, food and people…well that is Italy as a whole.  Truly “La Dolce Vita”.

Hidden Gem

Born and raised in Rhode Island, I grew up visiting Newport on day trips by car and boat with my grandparents.  Being in the travel industry now, I realize how much I took for granted.  My favorite hidden gem is a small boutique hotel in Newport called The Castle Hill Inn.  It is a Relais & Chateaux affiliated property.  It is perched on top of a rolling green hill overlooking Newport Bay and Harbour.  During the Tall Ships Festival it is THE place to be to watch “The Parade of Sails”.  They have a main house as well as small private water front bungalows. Incredible food and service and luxurious but cozy rooms.




I began my travel career after many years as an ER and critical care nurse.  With grown and married daughters, I decided it was time to do what I truly love.  Having traveled extensively with my family and arranging trips for school groups and friends, I knew I would love being a travel advisor.  My clients have been appreciative of my attention to detail as I plan their travel as I would my own.   When my clients book their valuable vacation time with me, they know that I am there for them not only in the planning phase but during their travel until they land safely at home.  My roots as a care giver serve my clients well.