Daphne Bransten

Independent Travel Advisor – CA

Art, Ocean Cruising, River Cruising

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About Me

I seek out indigenous and local experiences and always try to be off the tourist track. I love going back to old favorite spots, as well as discovering new places. I used to enjoy self-drives, but now find it easier to form or join a small group.  I have come to love both Ocean and River cruises and enjoy adding on personal experiences. While traveling, restaurants, museums, and galleries are also a must and bring me into the local experience. I contact my friends all over the world and draw on the cultural and local connections I have made. I adore playing bridge and have had wonderful trips and cruises with my bridge pals. Multi-generational travel with my children and grandchildren is also on top of my list!

Favorite Place

I have so many different ones!  Absolutely anywhere in Italy and Southeast Asia, particularly Bangkok, come to mind.


I started as a kid picking hotels form the Duncan Hines guide book! My official start in the industry was working for a friend’s agency for fourteen years. I then owned and worked for several other travel agencies, before helping VWT open our outpost on the west coast. My extensive travels as a child included domestic, Italy and all over Europe, Asia, and India.  With my own Agency, I organized both domestic and foreign cultural journeys for museums, cultural institutions and friends groups.  Highlights include small groups to Morocco, India, the UK, Ladies’ Ocean and River cruises, and fabulous family trips  highlighted by an African Safari.