Betsy Polatsch

Associate - Purchase

Leisure, Family

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About Me

Part of the fun for me is not only the trip itself but the pre-planning. I enjoy researching the destination, learning what the best restaurants and activities are and planning everything out in advance.  Often upon arriving I end up changing all the plans as I speak to locals or other hotel guests, which is part of the fun!

Favorite Place

My favorite place to travel has been Greece, specifically the islands of Mykonos and Santorini. They are beautiful with an energetic vibe, the food and culture are amazing.  Each has its own beaches and sights to visit, all with their own character and unique charm.

Hidden Gem

La Fontelina in Capri.  It is not so hidden, but very exclusive and difficult to get a reservation at.  It is a classically Italian beach club on the Mediterranean Sea where you may be lounging on rocks rather than a sandy beach, but it feels super elegant and special and as if you are in an Italian movie.


I started my career as an attorney and legal recruiter in New York City, but always loved to travel and research different destinations. After having children I made the decision to join VWT’s Purchase office as an advisor.