Angela Musso

Senior Leisure Advisor

Leisure, Couples, Multi-Generational, Europe, South Africa, South America

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About Me

I am very passionate about the travel experiences that I create for my clients and also my personal passions brings me to my own cultural background as I enjoy traveling to, and planning trips to, Italy. I have been fortunate to see many different regions of Italy including Sicily, on both industry-sponsored trips as well as several personal vacations– and I will go back again and again. I travel with my adult daughter who shares the very same travel passions as I do for all the destinations we have visited. I am also very passionate about protecting elephants from extinction. And in doing that, I have fostered 3 baby elephants from an elephant orphanage in Kenya. The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust rescues and rehabilitates orphaned and injured elephants, most of which are still babies, and cares for them until they are ready to be returned to the wild. Money from the fostering program is used for the elephants’ constant care (food and medicine) and for all the caregivers’ rescue efforts, medical treatment, fuel for rescue aircraft and road vehicles, etc.

Favorite Place

I have fallen in love with two places in the past few years: All of Sicily is an incredible destination steeped with history and culture, mixed with some amazing hotels and experiences, while it has managed to maintain a traditional old-world Italian feeling. As well, my first visit to Cape Town, which is a wonderful destination; a real cosmopolitan city, surrounded by so much history, diverse landscapes, the nicest people; and then, in such close proximity to some amazing safari destinations which truly offer “life-changing” experiences.


I have been selling high-end luxury travel since 1992 and I was so fortunate to have joined Valerie Wilson Travel in 2011 where I have had some of the most wonderful experiences as an integral part of this iconic travel family, working alongside the best professionals in the industry, and handling some of the most amazing clients, planning some of the most exciting, unique and bespoke travel experiences for them all. In addition to lots of U.S. travel, I have traveled to Italy, France, Spain, Greece, England, Hungary, Malta, the Caribbean, Mexico, and South Africa.