Amy Siegal

Associate - New York City

Leisure, Adventure Travel, Celebrations, Wellness, Family/Multi-Generational Trips, Culinary Travel, Cruise

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About Me

Personally, I love to explore.  I like to learn a new place, rediscover places I have been, and find new things in old places.  I enjoy discovering what is unique and authentic in the places I go.  And then I like sharing these discoveries with clients and friends.

I enjoy trying new things – whether that is an activity, a restaurant, a food, etc.  I feel that that is the best way to familiarize myself with the destination.

I don’t count the countries I have been to, because I am not looking to see the most countries.  Rather, I want to get the most out of each place.  I want to travel deeply.  And I am excited when I have clients who want to do the same.

Favorite Place

Bali, Indonesia remains a unique destination because it still feels undiscovered.  It’s not unusual to feel like the first person to stand where you are.  The island is both organic and authentic – and has many elements that lend it a sense of place.  It’s also easy to combine jungle, cliffs and beach landscapes within a short distance – to give the traveler a more varied experience.  I have several hotels there that are so diverse.  It’s a unique place.

It is also a destination that can be active, romantic, adventurous, relaxing, religious, meditative, and family-oriented.  Bali really has it all!

Hidden Gem

Basel, Switzerland: this is a lovely city, cosmopolitan yet small.  From Basel, one can easily go to Germany and France in under an hour.  It can even be done by bike!  If you make a day of it, you can eat breakfast in Switzerland, lunch in Germany, and dinner in France!

It’s a beautiful, manageable city to explore, with delicious food, that sits on the banks of the Rhine River.  In fact, in the summertime, you will see both locals and tourists, spending time in the river – floating and swimming with their wicklefisch bags!


While in college, I spent a semester studying in Italy.  This experience inspired in me a love of travel and off-the-beaten-path international exploration.

After graduation, I moved to Hong Kong where I lived and worked for 2 years.  During that time, I was able to easily explore Southeast Asia.  From there, I moved to London for 2 years – where I tried to familiarize myself with Europe and the UK.  My last posting was in Tokyo.  I lived there for 2 and a half years, but my focus during that time was more specific to Tokyo and Japan.

These international experiences not only fostered in me my love for travel, but also helped me fine-tune my ability to research destinations and discover the hidden gems, secrets and highlights of each location.

What I enjoy most now is sharing these destinations with my clients and friends.