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Self Discovery & Wellness

You can go your own way—and we will help you get there. From spa getaways to global adventures, see the world for yourself with our help.

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The only companion you need is your sense of adventure.

Wander the stalls at Paris’ flea markets. Watch the sun rise from a hammock. Get a front-row seat at La Scala. Whether your travel dreams include sandy beaches or cosmopolitan capitals, it is time to take the trip of your dreams.

Cultural Immersion

From museums to shopping to quaint cafes, explore the wonders of faraway cities. With VWT’s help, immerse yourself in local culture and soak in the eccentricities of global destinations. Take a private tour, share a meal with a local or find hidden gems around a city. Don’t just visit the destination, become part of it by stepping into a world only locals normally have access to. We invite you to become a true global citizen as our Advisors provide an authentic opportunity to explore and appreciate new places and cultures.

Wellness & Nutrition

Time for a break from the overflowing in-box and the incessant digital distractions? Seeking to reconnect with yourself, and with what is important to you? Wellness travel is one of the most dynamic markets in the travel industry. It has come a long way from the spartan accommodations and punishing menus of the past. Today’s wellness travel takes on many forms, from quiet retreats and hiking spas to indulgent getaways with luxurious treatments. Whether you want to reset your lifestyle or simply want to drop out for a few days, we will guide you on the right path.


Nobody ever said adventure was limited to groups. Go see the blue-footed booby with your own eyes, then snorkel with sea lions in the Galapagos. Finally check learning to surf off your list. Hike to Everest Base Camp. However you want to spend your time, we will craft a journey that will thrill you.

Cruises, Tours, & Groups

Organized tours are one of the best ways to see the world and we work with the finest tour operators in the business. From safaris and nature-minded explorations to cultural tours and cruises, joining a group tour may be the right choice for you.