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We design trips that will unite and excite travelers of all ages. See the world with the people who mean the world to you – we’ll take care of the details.

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We take care of all the details so you can focus on the important things, your loved ones.

Whether traveling with your immediate family, extended family or chosen family, some of the most memorable vacations are those that bring loved ones together, deepen bonds and reach across generations. From a weekend getaway to National Park, to a several month journey across the globe, our family and group travel experts have created extraordinary experiences for groups and families of all types and sizes. VWT knows how to cater to everyone’s individual needs and preferences while curating an itinerary that inspires the spirit of togetherness and leaves you stress-free.

Family & Multi-Generational Travel

See the world with the people who mean the world to you. It seems simple, really, but there is a special kind of magic with multigenerational travel. At VWT, our Advisors understand that each family is as unique as their fingerprints. We tailor your experience, not only to your group, but to each individual traveler. We will listen to your vision and meticulously design a trip that considers all of your individual needs to bring generations together. Enjoy a stress-free vacation as your VWT Advisor handles all of your group logistics, from hotel accommodations to family photoshoots. Suddenly, your trip becomes so much more, transforming before your eyes into a heartfelt journey into your collective soul. Discover the magic of multigenerational travel for yourself.

Milestone & Celebration Travel

Your daughter’s college graduation. Mom’s 75th birthday. Your promotion. Dad’s retirement. No matter the milestone, we create epic celebrations for everyone from mother-daughter duos to extended families. Enjoy peace of mind as your group celebrates a special moment and leave your travel arrangements in the hands of one of VWT’s experienced Advisors. From celebratory champagne on arrival, to arranging a beachfront dinner, to creating a custom VIP experience, celebrate in style. More specifically, your style. Your VWT Advisor takes your vision and makes it a reality.

Birthdays & Anniversaries

No matter if you have 16 or 60 candles on your cake, we will make your wish come true.

Destination Weddings & Events

Honor your love with a celebration you will treasure forever.



Embark on a journey that that is uniquely you. Immerse yourself in the details that makes each destination unique – from local ecosystems and wildlife, to the people and culture.


For our explorers, our thrill-seekers and our boundary pushers. From Everest to Patagonia, go where you’ve never gone before. With VWT by your side, create bold adventures that guide you to the most exotic corners of the world.


From Michelin-Starred restaurants to gourmet cooking classes, embark on a culinary journey that will ignite your senses.

Villas, Private Homes, & Retreats

Secluded beach villas, holiday homes in the mountains, wine country estates – this is what vacation dreams are made of. For a truly private experience, VWT offers clients the opportunity to stay at some of the world’s most exclusive villas, private homes and retreats. VWT only works with finest properties around the world in order to bring you a slice of your own personal paradise. Without the hustle and bustle of a hotel, gain extra peace of mind knowing your group has a space all your own while traveling.