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Tokyo has been a popular 2024 bucket list destination. Since fully opening in April 2023, travelers have been excited to make their way to Japan to understand the hype. Recognized as one of the world’s Global Cities alongside New York and London, Tokyo is a vibrant destination. Full of rich history, commerce, and neon-lit streets. Come face-to-face with a culture that took thousands of years to cultivate.

What We’d Do
Japan: Past & Present-A Cultural Journey from Tokyo to Osaka

Explore the cities of Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka, traveling between them on the famous Shinkansen bullet train. Experience a traditional Japanese tea ceremony, meet the incredible ama pearl divers, and dine with them while hearing tales of their lives and traditions, discover the polite bowing deer in Nara Park, and see the beauty of the Golden Pavilion. This journey will allow you to experience the colorful spirit of Japan.

Expert Led Tokyo Food Tour at Night

Tokyo comes alive after dark— with a wealth of gastronomic delights hidden around every corner. This Tokyo Night Tour visits some of Shibuya’s best hidden restaurants, taking a look at (and plenty of samples of) Japan’s contemporary food culture. Learn Japanese culinary etiquette, try grilled chicken at a yakitori, taste snacks and beer at an izakaya, and maybe even pay a visit to Nonbei Yokocho (Drunkard’s Alley). You will emerge from this tour with a taste for local specialties and a full belly.

Where We’d Stay
Aman Tokyo

Aman Tokyo is a luxury resort in Japan and an urban sanctuary high above the atmospheric whirl of tradition and modernity that epitomizes Tokyo. Gleaming skyscrapers reach for the heavens beside 19th-century palaces; humming intersections exist alongside quaint lanes, lined with convivial yakitori-ya, ramen shops and shochu bars; state-of-the-art shopping centers selling the world’s most exclusive labels overlook beautiful parks that are pink with cherry blossoms in spring.

Janu Tokyo

Janu Tokyo is located in Azabudai, the luxury hotel captures the compelling energy of its surroundings – that of Japanese history and culture juxtaposed with global business influence and contemporary entertainment, all in the shadows of the emblematic Tokyo Tower.

Set to open in 2024, Janu Tokyo will deliver the city’s newest and most progressive development to date in Azabudai Hills. Thirty years in the making, the area is designed with the aim of creating a modern urban village designed around community and wellbeing, reflecting Janu’s purpose of nurturing kindred spirits and collective moments.

Tokyo to Tokyo on the Silversea, Silver Whisper

Enjoy a 15-day trip on the Silver Whisper. The ship invites you to enjoy world-class accommodations during your Japan Experience. Revel in the pampering treatments of a wellness spa, shopping top designers at boutiques, and enjoy dynamic full-scale productions in a multi-tiered show lounge.

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