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A Sneak Peek Into Today’s World of Travel

Do you feel like it was a summer that never happened? Are you longing to travel again? You are not alone! Over the last six months, we had our lives come to a halt as we all canceled countless plans, sheltered-in-place, and watched the coronavirus pandemic unfold, forever changing “life as we knew it.” 
Like us, I am sure you took the time to reflect on what is important to you and your family and recognized the little and big things once taken for granted. 
A once bustling Spanish Steps in Rome.
The Spanish Steps now.
Hands down, we yearn for travel, from the anticipation of planning the trip to the joy of sharing those memories when you return and every moment in-between. It’s the magic of travel. Imagine that moment when you settle into your airplane seat and feel the wheels-up motion as you climb over the skyline and past the clouds. Your journey has begun. 
Despite how difficult the last several months have been, we have challenged ourselves to embrace that “airplane seat” feeling. You know why? It is always sunny above the clouds. Sometimes you just have to climb higher to get there. Travel is limitless, full of possibility, and brings endless joy.
Knowing that everyone’s appetite to travel is different, from ready to go to wait and see, we wanted to give you a sneak peek into today’s world of travel:
What to Expect: 
We can guarantee that the return to travel will be fluid, with borders opening and closing and rules changing quickly. Masks are here to stay. Self-serve dining is gone. Experiences will be more private and intimate. Airplanes, hotels, and cruise lines are cleaner than ever before. Health safe is a new norm.
Where to Go:
In early August, the State Department returned their travel warning to be on a country-by-country basis, allowing borders to re-open to Americans. So, where can your future international travel plans take you? Can we tempt you with Ecuador, Croatia, French Polynesia, Maldives, parts of Mexico, Egypt, and many of the Caribbean islands? Not looking to stamp your passport quite yet, visit the US National Parks, reconnect at a dude ranch, or check-in to a spa destination resort to rejuvenate and restore those fraying edges.
Protecting your Investment: 
Most people don’t think twice about hiring a lawyer, interior designer, or financial consultant. In a world that remains so uncertain, you deserve to have peace of mind when you travel. The responsibility of a travel advisor is to build trust, confidence, and be your advocate when you travel.  
Consider planning and booking now: 
Terms, conditions, and pricing has never been this consumer-friendly. With pent up demand, 2021 is looking strong, so be sure not to miss out. Buy travel insurance.
Did you know that scientists have shared that having a future trip planned is good for your health?
Get started by connecting with one of our advisors here. Happy planning!