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Brooklyn, New York

The most populous borough of New York City, Brooklyn is home to some 2.5 million people as well as some of America’s most cherished pastimes. Not just a concrete jungle, Brooklyn includes outdoor locations like Prospect Park, the Brooklyn Bridge, and the Brooklyn Promenade—all perfect for an early morning, mid-afternoon, or evening walk to explore the beauty of when local vegetation meets the urban metropolis. Known for its change of pace, as you leave Manhattan your stress will be drowned out by the sound of live music, the dinging of clinking bottles, and “Cheers!” If the social scene is too rowdy for you, Brooklyn offers over 30 miles of sandy shoreline that is sure to provide the more intimate setting you are looking for. With over 700 cultural and arts institutions, Brooklyn is not only a top site for entertainment, but also for learning about and exploring anything from ancient history to modern artwork. Brooklyn has plenty of people to meet, locations to visit, and food to eat, so do not hesitate to take a trip across the Brooklyn Bridge for a diverse vacation filled with pleasant surprise.

Fun Facts:

When the weather starts to get cold and wintry, Brooklyn Bridge, one of the oldest suspension bridges in the US, rises 3 inches higher as the suspension cables contract in the dropping temperatures.

The Teddy Bear, a classic stuffed animal loved by many, was invented by a Brooklyn native shopkeeper after he heard the story of Teddy Roosevelt refusing to shoot a bear while on a hunting trip.

When the Dutch settled on Long Island in the 17th century, they named their city Breuckelen or “Broken Land,” but rightfully gave it the motto “Een Draght Mackt Might” which means “In Unity, there is Strength.”

Where We Would Stay:

Laid back vibes overwhelm the space at 1 Brooklyn Bridge as the rustic tones of the industrial design and flourishing greenery provide satisfying perfection from your first step through the doors. The influence of nature does not stop with the modern look and reclaimed decoration as throughout the hotel green energy powers the soft pale lightbulbs, rainwater park irrigation, and highly coveted electric house car. The spa continues your experience of heartfelt connection as the holistic treatments and botanical accents work to cleanse away your physical and emotional worries. 1 Hotel is a master of making the city an active participant in your vacation as the infamous NYC skyline puts a charming smile on any rooftop pool visitor. Brooklyn Bridge becomes your partner in crime as it provides access to an innumerable amount of city experiences and the hotel’s floor to ceiling windows make it a lifelong reminder of your home away from home. Retreat from the city to the exposed architecture, natural modern feel, and uniquely tranquil accommodations of 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge.

Our Exclusive Amenities 2020:

2 Ferry Tickets per stay

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