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Matild Palace, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Budapest

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Matild Palace, Budapest, opening early summer 2021 after 5 years of restoration, is one of the most iconic buildings in Budapest. Built during the Belle Epoque era, in 1902, by Kálmán Giergl and Flóris Korb, the palace was developed under the patronage of Maria Klotild, Archduchess of Hungary to serve as the social hub of the city. The Duchess dreamed of the twin palaces, on either side of the road, that would serve as the gateway to the Elizabeth bridge which was under construction to greet those who arrive to Pest. The neo-baroque palace is listed as a UNESCO world heritage site and is under monumental protection since 1977, and today its beauty is further glorified by the exceptional exterior lighting concept designed by renowned MBLD. Matild Palace is committed to inspiring guests with its rich history, culture and epicurean excellence. Combining luxurious surroundings with authentic experiences and exceptional lasting memories, it serves as the most spectacular gateway to exploring the magic of Budapest.

Budapest, Váci u 36, 1056 Hungary

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Budapest is one of Europe's most fabled cities with a wealth of connections (161 destinations and 951 flights per week), a storied heritage and many cultural sites, an exceptionally rich offering of natural thermal baths, an excellent culinary scene, a world-class classical music scene, a pulsating nightlife increasingly appreciated among European youth, many river cruise options, international festivals, and international sports events such as F1. With its sheer grandeur and architectural splendor, this beautifully bridged European capital, located on the banks of the Danube river, is often called “The Pearl of the Danube” or “Paris of the East”.

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